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When a deranged homeless man calls Charlie Beckham by a nickname known by no one but Charlie’s brother, who disappeared without a trace thirteen years ago, Charlie embarks on a search for answers—a search that takes him into Boston’s darkest places and pits him against the city’s most dangerous people.  (Recipient of Kirkus Reviews starred review and named to Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2013; click here to read the review.)

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A struggling artist . . . a disfigured agoraphobe . . . a lonely widower . . . a lost runaway.

Four strangers, drawn together by mysterious, frightening forces—a supernatural entity, terrifying nightmares, a ghost boy, a violent captor—race toward a single, shared destiny while a young life hangs in the balance.

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He wears the silly, gap-toothed, grinning mask of a popular cartoon alien.  He speaks in the alien’s cheerful, high-pitched, robotic vibrato.  He does so while committing unspeakable acts on his victims.  And it’s up to State Police Detective John Spader to stop him.

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